The Beauty of a Little Structure to Minimize Mistakes

productivity tips Sep 01, 2019

I feel like I’ve been talking a lot about mistakes recently. 

I really never intended for this to become a series of sorts but I do have one more thing to say on the matter.

When I was writing my post a few weeks ago about mistakes being humanizing, I accidentally closed the window I was writing in. I thought to myself, “Well, that was a dumb mistake. How ironic, given what I’m writing about.”

Turns out I had pushed save recently so not too much...

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Why You Shouldn't Solve Problems that Aren't Problems

productivity tips Aug 14, 2019

We spend a lot of time talking business strategy around the dinner table. My husband is an engineer and, when he was a kid and thought about his future life, I'm sure this is not exactly what he thought he would be doing over cheeseburgers. But I'm lucky that he's both interested and supportive of my work.

After last week's post about making mistakes, he asked me what counter-measures I was going to put in place. That's engineer speak for "how are you going to fix the problem?...

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Is it Possible That Mistakes Are Humanizing After All?

business culture Aug 08, 2019

Man, I screwed up this week!

Long story short, I got the time for a meeting with a potential client stuck in my head as 10:30...when it was actually 10. By the time I realized it, she was no longer available and even though we spent the next hour trying to connect, we kept missing each other.

I felt like total crap.

I honestly can’t tell you the last time I missed a meeting. I live in my calendar and, obviously, pride myself on my organizational skills.

But this...

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Here's the Good News: You Will Never Ever Be Perfect

productivity tips Jun 26, 2019

So when is your launch?

You did it, right? You got your launch date on the calendar? Don't be scared of deadlines! 

I'm so serious about this. Whenever I see tasks without due dates or launches without deadlines, I know that they aren't going to get done. They're just going to float around until someone "gets around to it"...and that almost never happens! Your project is important enough to launch and your launch is important enough to schedule. So go do it!

Tip #3 applies...

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You Might Think This Productivity Tip is Too Simple to Work

productivity tip Jun 19, 2019

Did you take action?

Did you pick a piece of your business to get out of your head and on to paper? (Or video?) Like I said, these tips may seem too simple to make a big impact on your business...but they'll only make a difference if you actually take action!

Let's jump right into our second tip!

Tip #2: Schedule it

Okay, okay....this one might seem too simple. But you'd be surprised how many people I've worked with who are scared to schedule a launch because they're afraid...

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The First Step to More Joy in Your Business

There's something magical about meeting someone new and hearing about their passions. Their eyes sparkle, you can hear the happiness in their voice, and it seems like they are lit up from the inside out.

That joy tends to disappear when we start to talk about the work.

Let's be honest with each other — having a great idea is the fun part. It's creative, it's energetic, it fuels more ideas. Getting that idea out into the world is the hard part. There are schedules to keep,...

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