February 16-18, 2021
Online Summit

Get inspired to take the leap that will change your life!


You're dying to do the "crazy" thing that's in your heart. You know it could make all the difference in your life.

But you keep putting it off. You can't seem to silence the voice in your head that says...


But still, the dream that’s right there in your heart just won’t go away and you know that you are destined to bring it to life. 

If this sounds like you — it is time to Take Your DAMN Trip!

The Take the DAMN Trip Summit will give you the inspiration and path you need to connect with the people you love do the "crazy" thing, and change your life!

12 experts over 3 days will share their own stories of how taking the leap changed their lives, and give you the insight you need to take the first step on your journey. 

Because it all starts with that very first step.

The Speakers


When I thought about creating the Take the DAMN Trip Summit, I wanted to share a variety of incredible and inspiring stories from amazing women (and one amazing man as well!) Some started a business, some are all about radical self care and shameless femininity, and some sold everything they owned to move cross country. But they are ALL an inspiration of what's possible when you follow your heart and Take Your OWN DAMN Trip!

Dana Malstaff
Using Dream Builders
to Define Your OWN
Vision of Success

Liz Haislip
Taking the Chance
and Clapping
for Your Own
Damn Self!

Lorena Hixson
Overcoming Our
Inner Critic to
Create Our

Goli Kalkhoran
Quitting Your Job
Without Losing
Your Identity

Deanna Mason
How I
Recovered from
Business Burnout

Paula Rizzo
Listful Living: Using
Lists to Actualize
Your Dreams
(And Goals!)

Matt Johnson
You Don't Have to Change Yourself to be Successful

Krista Lockwood
Finding the
Life you Love
Underneath all
your Clutter

Jen Rozenbaum
How to Live a
Badass Life
After Cancer

Amy Edge
How a Purpose
Filled Calling
has Engineered
a Movement

Eden Fried
How to Keep your
Business Running
While on
Maternity Leave

Liz Carroll
Decide You
Had a Good Time
Before You Go

Renae Gonzalez
Creating your
Vision Board

Jen Jones Donatelli
A Morning
Journaling Practice
for Manifestation
& Magic

Bevin Farrand
Take the
DAMN Trip:
The Framework

I was blown away by each and every one of these speakers and I know that you will be, too!


The Details


The Take the DAMN Trip Summit will run from February 16-18, 2021 with a variety of presentations to choose from each day. You'll get an email each day with links to that day's presentations.


I don't know about you, but I prefer to do my hair and leave my house as little as possible. With that being said, you can tune into the summit from the comfort of your couch and yoga pants.


Presentations will be 30-45 minutes in length. Nice and short so you can get the information you need and take action quickly! The presentations will be available for 24-hours to encourage you to stop waiting for the right time and take action along with hundreds of other DAMN Trip-takers.


You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group for the summit where we’ll be partying it up before the summit starts and sharing the dreams that we are bringing to life. What better way to celebrate than to support others who are creating amazing things as well!


Want to win some fun Take the DAMN Trip swag and other prizes? Get active in the Facebook Community and keep an eye out for contests you can enter to win throughout the summit. We'll be giving away prizes daily!


The Take the DAMN Trip Summit Success Pack

After registering, you can also upgrade to gain access to the Take the DAMN Trip Summit Success Pack. That means  you'll get lifetime access to presentations and worksheets, premium bonuses from our speakers, and 2 live coaching sessions with me. You won't want to miss it!



Hey! I’m Bevin, the founder of the Take the DAMN Trip movement. 

In November of 2019 my husband took me on a "crazy," whirlwind trip to France for my 40th birthday. 

5 days later he did not wake up. 

I've spent the past year adjusting to a new normal as a solo parent of two kids under 4 and running a successful business as now the solo breadwinner of my family. Living without my best friend and the love of my life by my side has been a devastating new normal that I am navigating daily.

What I've learned from this is that none of us has the luxury of waiting. We never know what's going to happen tomorrow — good or bad — and so we must choose to connect with those we love, do the "crazy" thing, and Take the Damn Trip.

I created this summit to bring real life stories of inspirational people who have taken the leap and done the “crazy” thing that makes all the difference in their lives.


Tired of being stuck in a dead end job that makes you so depressed and frustrated that you dread getting out of bed in the morning

Dying to find a way to simplify your life so that you can spend time doing the meaningful things that are really important.

Ready to start your own business and take control of your finances and your life.

Uncertain of what action to take but know that there will never be a perfect time

Whatever it is for you, it’s time to get started.


Not Your Average Virtual Summit


There are a lot of summits, trainings, and workshops out there. So what makes this one different?

First, this summit was created specifically to share the message of #takethedamntrip with the world. And I know that each of us has our own special “trip” that is in our heart. You might meet someone at this summit who is starting her own business. Or someone who is starting a family on her own. Or someone who is moving his family across country to begin a new adventure.

This summit isn’t one that is going to force you into a box.

In fact, if there’s one thing I learned from interviewing our speakers, it’s that their life changed when they stopped listening to what they should do and began truly listening to their heart.

And I have full confidence that you can do the same. No matter what your “trip” is, I know that you can do amazing things in this world. And this summit will give you the inspiration and the tools you need to take that all-important first step.




- Stop “shoulding” all over yourself and sleepwalking through your life

- Finally take the leap that you have been dying to take (but maybe a bit scared of)

- Connect more deeply with the people that you love, do the “crazy” thing, and change your life!


Join us for the Take the DAMN Trip Summit today!



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